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ZAM (Zeplin Agency Membership) offers agencies the tools and process to deliver beautiful products for clients.

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Access technical support and enablement including product walkthroughs, demo's and beta releases and influence Zeplin's product roadmap.

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What our ZAM-azing agencies say…

  • Zeplin has never been an obstacle, but rather a booster for our process. It’s astonishing to see how it always manages to be one step in front of our needs, becoming a “must have” within our product design toolbox.
    Alberto Vitullo Head of Design, Charlie Tango
  • We use Zeplin to publish completed designs for development, at the same time working on designs for the next release. Zeplin is an integral part of our creative and tech process, and it enables us to be more efficient during each sprint.
    Isabel Kantor Photo
    Isabel Kantor SVP Technology, Organic
  • Zeplin has really helped us to work smarter and faster with our clients across projects of all shapes and sizes. It's an awesome product for design at scale.
    Vinny Hayes Photo
    Vinny Hayes Chief Commercial Officer, Somo
  • Interconnecting talent is key to delivering best in class interfaces; Zeplin has been great at bringing a common language that is easily understood by everyone within the team regardless of their area of expertise.
     Miguel Alvarez Photo
    Miguel Alvarez Global CTO, AnalogFolk
  • Before Zeplin, the design to development handoff process was full of pitfalls. Shared style guides enable us to craft consistent and scalable products, and the Slack and Jira integrations are now crucial pieces of our collaboration workflow. Every member of our product teams speaks the same language at last!
    Héctor Giner Photo
    Héctor Giner Founder and CEO, Z1
  • Zeplin is our secret sauce for turning pixel-perfect designs into a living reality. There's no other tool that allows such a seamless ongoing handoff process for our Product teams.
    Luís Monteiro Photo
    Luís Monteiro Design Director, Pixelmatters
  • As an agency, managing the collaboration between design and engineering product teams can be a complicated process. Zeplin helps make that process as seamless as possible by providing us with one location to access the latest designs for all of our mobile and web client projects.
    Christopher White Photo
    Christopher White Founder/CEO, Sneakers Agency, NYC
  • We rely on Zeplin to crystalize finalized designs by publishing them for our clients, including relevant specs for developers. It also provides an inclusive workspace where team members from varying disciplines like product managers, UX writers and more can collaborate on a design.
    Andrew Gold Photo
    Andrew Gold Co-founder, GrandStudio

Some of our ZAMers...

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How do I give a Customer Referral?

Easy! Just register for ZAM here we’ll be in touch ASAP. Alternatively, email us at zam@zeplin.io with any questions.

How do I arrange a demo or product walkthrough?

We love helping teams get up to speed technically with Zeplin. Get in touch with our team here and we'll reach out to set up a demo. Alternatively, just email us at zam@zeplin.io with any questions.

How do I work with Zeplin to create a case study?

Simple! Just reach out to our team here and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Alternatively, just email us at zam@zeplin.io with any questions.