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Inside Designer-Developer Collaboration: Real Talk with Both Sides

Designers and developers are the builders in our product teams, each with their own tools and processes. It’s natural to have some tension between them, but why is it so common to see their workflows clashing (leading to rework and inconsistencies)?

How Little Caesars Built The Ultimate Digital Pizza Experience

Join us and Erica Olson, Little Caesars’ Lead UX, as she shares how her team went from not even having online order

Design-to-Dev Done Right, With Zeplin

Join Zeplin’s co-founder Berk Çebi as he walks through the suite of design delivery capabilities for effective handoff and more.

DesignOps Benchmarking Report: Top Insights & Focus Areas for 2024

DesignOps Assembly just released their annual DesignOps Benchmarking Report. We’ll discuss what DesignOps leaders can do with the findings...

Design-to-Dev Excellence: Toolstack and Strategies for 2024

Hear from our panel of DesignOps experts as they share strategies for modernizing your design-to-development processes...

Amazon’s Recipe for Design-to-Dev Harmony at Scale

Hear from Adam Warner, a Principal UX Designer at Amazon, as he shares his experiences in navigating...

How DesignOps Improves Design to Dev Productivity at T. Rowe Price

Mark, Sr DesignOps Manager at T. Rowe Price, scaled the design team to manage 23 different business units...

Utilizing DesignOps to Supercharge Your Design System Team

Previously a design manager at Disney+ and Hulu, Davy Fung, Product Design Lead at Meta, shares...

UX Tools x Zeplin: The State of Design Delivery

UX Tools, the research group behind the annual Design Tools Survey, recently published its first study on design delivery...

A Googler's Perspective on Building DesignOps

At the scale of a company like Google, the need for DesignOps goes without saying...

Design System Adoption: Strategies for Success with Dan Mall

Tune in for a chat with Dan Mall, founder of Design System University on building an integrated design system...

Streamline Your Design to Development Workflow

With all the bells and whistles of the latest design tools, developers can often find themselves being less efficient...

How Canva's DesignOps Leader Drives Efficiency at Scale

Scaling operations for 100+ designers is a next level challenge. Hugo Welke, DesignOps Lead at Canva, scaled...

Why Washington Post Open Sourced their Design System

How did Washington Post become a design-first company? TJ Gioconda, Senior Production Designer at Washington Post...

Zeplin Talks

Automate Front End Tasks with Design Tokens

Join us in this tutorial for writing a simple NodeJS script using Design Tokens in Zeplin to automate front end development tasks.

Design Tokens for Developers

Join developer advocate Josh Harsono to learn more about what Design Tokens are and how to use them.

Sharing Designs with Figma vs. Zeplin

So what’s the difference between Figma and Zeplin workflows?

Using Zeplin Styleguide Colors with Tailwind CSS

Using Tailwind CSS for your apps? Join us to learn how to easily export your Zeplin Styleguide colors into your Tailwind config.

Download Project Assets with Zeplin's Javascript SDK

Join us to build a command line app with Node and Zeplin's Javascript SDK to automate downloading your Zeplin project’s assets.


Harmony 2023

A new product, best practices for design delivery, Zeplin updates, and more. Featuring speakers from BP, Veeva, Optimizely...

Harmony 2022

Our inaugural user summit! Speakers from companies including Washington Post, Amazon, PepsiCo, Disney...

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