Scale your company’s Design Delivery

Enterprises using Zeplin ship higher quality products, faster.

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The impact of Design Delivery

Based on a survey of 193 users

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Higher Quality Products

Zeplin teams deliver on the promise of design. 97% of teams that use Zeplin ship higher quality products.

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Improved Designer & Developer Productivity

Zeplin teams get 25% time back per week. Designers and developers save 10 hours per week with Zeplin.

Tighter Team Alignment

Zeplin teams work better together. 94% of teams that use Zeplin see an improvement in team alignment.

Zeplin has been a great addition to our product toolkit, ultimately allowing us to increase our speed to market.

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Tyler Stafford, Manager, Digital Operations & Innovation
Manager, Digital Operations & Innovation @Audi
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Design tools can’t do it all

Zeplin is the platform for Design Delivery and helps cross-functional organizations automate the transition between design and development. Companies that use Zeplin ship products 25% faster.

Challenges design and development teams face

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How do development & design collaborate?

The infinite canvas of design tools is great for designers, but may seem like a confusing wall of screens for developers, product managers, and stakeholders.

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How does design fit into the user journey?

Designs alone don’t always tell the full picture, like the complete user journeys or the intention behind the design.

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What version should developers build?

While the latest version might sound great, for developers the live design file isn’t as useful as a final locked design.

Wait, we have a design system?

Teams often invest in design systems that are siloed within the design team. Other teams can’t tap into the design system to improve their productivity.

Zeplin saved a month off of each project, eliminating unnecessary back and forth exchanges and change requests, it just happened overnight.

Lanna Solci, Digital Experience Specialist
Digital Experience Specialist  @Electrolux

Zeplin brings your designs to life easier

Workspace for the entire team

We built Zeplin so everyone on your team can easily understand the design. Sections, statuses, and the Jira integration translate the “wall of screens” inside design tools into a structured workspace.

Clarify design intention

Zeplin teams work better together. 94% of teams that use Zeplin see an improvement in team alignment.

Publish finalized designs

Establish clarity and accountability on exactly what to build by providing a locked design that is formally published for the entire team.

Scale design systems

Enable your development team to build designs faster and more consistently. Extend your design system into the developer world by connecting your reusable components to code.

Zeplin provides an inclusive workspace where team members from varying disciplines like product managers, UX writers and more can come together to deliver on designs.

Katherine Lee, UX Visual Design Manager
UX Visual Design Manager  @Autodesk
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Deliver on the promise of design