Build your DesignOps toolstack

Zeplin’s shared workspace is made for DesignOps. Scale design collaboration and organization in ways that aren’t possible in your design tool.

The right designs for the whole team

It’s hard to move fast if your team can’t find what they need. Zeplin gives clarity on what to build — down to precise screen versions.

80% of designers say that developers miss changes to designs because of poor version management.

UX Tools Design Delivery Survey

Zeplin fits very specific needs that this team has. They love Zeplin because they can be sure this is where they put designs that are ready, and they can annotate and document everything in one place. And then for the rest of the team, it’s like ‘this is yours now, go forward with it’.

Mark Figueiredo Sr. Manager, Design Operations @T. Rowe Price

Streamline design project management

Follow and collaborate on design projects as they go from review, development, QA, to production.

Go even further by syncing to Jira, Trello, Slack, Teams, and more.

Zeplin provides an inclusive workspace where team members from varying disciplines like product managers, UX writers and more can come together to deliver on designs.

Katherine Lee UX Visual Design Manager @Autodesk

Boost design system adoption

Get more of your team building with your design system. Zeplin’s Global Styleguides and design tokens keep your design system styles, colors, and components up-to-date and easy to reference.

Bring design closer to development

Help your developers build exactly what you designed with complete user journeys, dev integrations, and design systems connected to code.

90% of designers say that designs don’t match the final product, and less than half of designers (45%) say developers use the correct design system element.

UX Tools Design Delivery Survey

Improve design delivery and DesignOps efficiency

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