Zeplin: An open platform for developers

Millions of developers rely on Zeplin to bring designs to life, and we're honored.

Extend Zeplin to suit your unique workflow.

Use one of the prebuilt integrations to connect your tools. Check out the latest extensions built by the developer community. Use the Zeplin API & webhooks to build custom solutions.

It's all here for developers.

Generate the code snippets you need

Zeplin Extensions provide code snippets across many platforms from CSS, Tailwind, and Flutter to Swift, Android, and more.

Check out the Extensions built by the Zeplin community or build your own!

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Rich Integrations

Zeplin provides rich integrations with developer tools. Want component code from Storybook? Connect using our no-CLI setup. Always checking Jira or Azure DevOps? See design previews in tickets. Use VS Code? Follow design changes in a sidebar.

You can also connect to Slack, Trello, and Microsoft Teams to keep key stakeholders in the know.

Build custom workflows with Zeplin API

Build custom workflows by accessing all of the resources in Zeplin including projects, screens, components, layers, assets, notes & more.

You can build anything from scripts to automate your process to full blown apps!

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Get Notified with Webhooks

The REST API lets you query Zeplin data anytime, but what if the data changes? With webhooks of course! You can generate notifications any time data changes in Zeplin to build cool integrations.

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